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Come enjoy the comprehensive, majestic and varying trails of Southern Utah. You can stay within the park, or take guided rides to stunning, mind-blowing scenic locations throughout the Washington Valley with other SXS and UTV enthusiasts just like you! As additional routes are approved, we will list them here, so please check back often!

The Sand Hollow trails are rated anywhere from 2 to 9, with most of the difficult obstacles having pass arounds. It is strongly encouraged that your SXS is at least 60″ wide, with long travel suspension. 50″ trail version machines will struggle with most of the obstacles.


Dino Tracks: Rated 1-2
Trail Description: This trail has mostly higher-speed, double-track dirt roads, with washes and sandy, whooped trails. You will drop into the Long Valley OHV recreation area and zig zag through some sandy washes before getting to Warner Valley. From there, you will travel along a dirt road for a while until you make a left towards the Dino tracks staging area—feel free to spread out so you are not sucking up others dust! Thereafter, you will take a short hike with a small incline before you reach the wash where the Dino tracks are. Archeologists report that there are over 400 fossilized tracks in Warner Valley and its surrounding area. The trail is approximately 15 miles in length.

Top of the World: Rated 3
Trail Description: Top of the World Loop is a trail that encompasses the sand dunes and little known trails and turns, in, and around, the dunes. You will make your way to what is called Top of the World—and there is never a bad view from this highest point, which overlooks Warner Valley. You can almost see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on a clear day. There is some mild rock crawling with a stop at the Flintstone house!


Razzle Dazzle: Rated 4
Trail Description: On this moderately-easy Trail, enjoy scenic red rock cliffs and vistas overlooking Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion, Warner Valley and out into Arizona. Sand and Rocks will offer something for everyone. This trail is rated a 4, and is suitable for most modern UTVs. There will be light obstacles in tight washes, some deep-sand travel, and additional rock and dirt climbs. For all you history buffs, a section of Razzle Dazzle includes the route two Franciscan Priests—Dominquez and Escalante—took during their historic journey as they attempted to map a route from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Monterey, California in 1776!

West Rim Lite: Rated 4
Trail Description: Like the West Rim Trail (listed below), West Rim Lite is also one of the more popular trails because of the views overlooking Warner Valley and St George. After traveling on a sandy trail, with plenty of whoopty-do’s, you’ll arrive at the trail head. From there, you will travel upward along the West Rim of the OHV Park. You’ll, then, navigate a series of fun, step climbs, before reaching the Toll Booths (no fees required, BUT be on the lookout for money, as people have found rolled up money hidden in the cracks!). Thereafter, you will bypass some obstacles as you head towards the optional Wall of Doom, Kentucky Boy Draw. Lastly, you’ll stop at the Rock Gardens near the Hobbit House. The Trail will end back at the tunnel, after passing Top of the World and going down the sand dunes.

West Rim: Rated 5-7 (if you hit optional obstacles)
Trail Description: West Rim has to be one of the most popular trails at Sand Hollow. Its scenic views are one to see and experience! After traveling on a sandy trail with whoops, you will arrive at the trailhead. From there, you will travel upward along the West Rim of the OHV Park. After navigating some very fun, step climbs, you will have the option to hit some additional fun obstacles! Launch Pad and Tolls Booths are first up. Depending the speed of the group, you will likely have your lunch at…you guessed it The Lunch Room! Following lunch, you will exit the Lunch Room through The Squeeze and head towards another set of optional obstacles, called Wall of Doom and Kentucky Boy Draw. Thereafter, you will have your final stop at The Rock Gardens and then, after hitting some sand dunes near “Top of the World”, head back to the tunnel.

Milts Mile: Rated 6
Trail Description: This trail offers some decent climbs and steps throughout the trail. Most stock 64“, or wider, SXS’s will have no problem on the trail; having larger tires will make navigating the steps a little bit easier. Some of the more recognized obstacles in Sand Hollow are on this trail: Three Monkeys, Hard Right, and Hard Left are a few of them. The views are spectacular and overlook the lake and vendor area. Depending on the group size, we may finish the trail sooner than most of the other trails. After-all, its only a mile long, but is one that all of our guides love and like to hit every time they are out in the trails!


Sliplock/Johns Trail: Rated: 7
Trail Description: This trail combines the funnest sections of multiple trails to become one epic adventure. Sliplock, rated a 6, and Johns Trail, rated a 7, will be an adventure you don’t want to miss. Starting on a rim road that’s drops into Sliplock Gulch, there is a series of fun waterfall ascents, which will be a good warm up, before Horseshoe Falls. There is a bypass before the Falls, if you wish to take it. 4-Seater machines, in particular, will do better on this obstacle. After Horseshoe Falls, you will enter Johns Trail. This trail has many obstacles, with few bypasses. You will find yourself ascending up, and descending down, a series of hills, before entering another gulch that will lead you to the last climb out of Johns Trail.

Double Sammy: Rated 7
Trail Description: This is a must do trail! Coming to Sand Hollow and not doing Double Sammy is like going to Moab and not doing Hell’s Revenge. The trail starts just after the first big dune, about 1/2 mile up from the tunnel. Double Sammy was named when two Suzuki Samurais rolled on the trail in the early years of the park. The Gate Keeper obstacle marks the beginning, and the world famous Chute is the end. There is plenty of action in the middle, with a series of back-to-back obstacles. Once you reach the top, it is highly recommended that you line your machines up for an awesome group photo opportunity, then go climb the Chute!

Plan B: Rated 7-8
Trail Description: After a ride to the top of the Hurricane Sand Dunes, East of Sand Mountain, the Plan B trail begins. Some of the terrain includes slip-rock, cracks, dirt, and rocky sections. Tilt a Whirl is one of the off-camber sections, which is a narrow shelf, traversing a 30-foot drop; this may sound intimidating, but its bark is worse than its bite. Plan B has several challenging obstacles to test your skills and ability. One of the more popular obstacles is Dollar Bill Hill. It is an optional climb, but a must-do for people brave enough to make it—have your cameras rolling for this section. Most modern-day SXS’s will do just fine on this trail, but the bigger the tire, the better you will do.

The Ledges: Rated 8
Trail Description: After traveling up Hurricane Sand Dunes, you will reach the Ledges trail. The first stop will be at Patriot Rock. The front-half of the trail is action packed, with some off-camber sections, and drops, overlooking the awesome Warner Valley and Arizona Strip. The back-half of The Ledges trail has more climbs than drops, and only one short off-camber section. All modern-day, stock and modified, sport SXS’s will be able to accomplish this trail. The Ledges was blazed by one of our very own SXS Guides: James “Gabe” Payne.

The Maze: Rated 8
Trail Description: This trail is rightfully named for its network of paths, winding within the main trail system, resembling a puzzle from which you must find your way out! The good news is the trails will always lead to the end, the bad news is…. well there is no bad news! This trail—and all of its paths—has its share of obstacles. There are areas where you can frequently stop to take in views, and watch as others attempt obstacles. The most popular obstacle in the Maze is the You’ve Got To Be Nuts. It is a long, steep climb out of the bowl that you’ve just dropped into, but it is an optional obstacle. The bypasses themselves are somewhat challenging, but doable in most modern-day, stock, sport SXS’s. The Maze trail is extremely popular and is considered by many a must do trail.

Triple 7: Rated 8
Trail Descriptions: Note that only 10 cars are allowed on this trail per day. Triple 7 has back-to-back fun and challenging obstacles, including waterfalls, notches, and some off-camber sections. There are not a lot of open areas to stop and bunch up on. Triple 7 will keep blood flowing and provides a sense of relief and accomplishment once you’ve reached the end. Drivers must be experienced and their SXS’s and should be equipped with larger tires, heavy-duty aftermarket suspension parts and winches. Once you go through the tunnel, you will turn left and follow the fence line until you see the Trail Head. Triple 7 intersects with Double Sammy. This trail is subject to cancellation if not enough drivers sign up.

Our head Trail Guide, Bruce, is the BEST at getting you and all guides ready for a day of adventure!

Head Trail Guide Bruce Huntington

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