SXS Adventure Rally on the Rocks is excited to announce the addition of Metal FX Offroad to the 2023 SXSAR Family of Sponsors.

Metal FX Offroad designs and manufactures custom UTV Wheels. With combined technical expertise, amazing designs, uncompromising quality, advanced materials, innovative manufacturing techniques and attention to detail, the final product is the ultimate in style and performance.

Our exclusive wheel series is created to complement and enhance today’s custom UTV’s. Each model in the Metal FX Offroad Series is designed by our in house engineers specifically for all modern UTV’s and fully tested to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standards.

Make sure to visit Metal FX Offroad to checkout their handmade quality and professionally built products for your SXS & UTV.

Metal FX Offroad

Metal FX Offroad – Owned by Metal FX Motorsports Inc., a family operated California based company, Metal FX Offroad is backed by the best manufacturing in the business. Metal FX has been at the forefront of forged wheel production since its founding, and is known for creating innovative designs and unmatched quality. Metal FX is now utilizing all its considerable resources and experience in the production of Offroad Wheels.

Instagram: @MetalFXOffroad

SALES: 1-800-989-6271
11681 Markon Drive
Garden Grove, CA 92841

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