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Nothing is more annoying than having a roll bar clamp that keeps slipping. Since you use your roll bar clamps to keep your valuable items steady while traversing your off-road ride through ups and downs on various terrains, having a roll bar clamp that doesn’t slip or slide is critical to the safety of your riders as well as keeping your stuff from getting broken, lost or ruined.

If you are having trouble keeping your roll bar clamp from slipping, we have the solution for you. Our custom roll bar clamps are created to fit the exact specs you need. Just fill out this form if you have any questions about sizing, or how to measure your bar to get the right clamp for your needs.

Additionally, you’ll find some quick tips that will work in a jiff, if you plan on going out today. However, these quick-fix solutions aren’t great long-term and we do not guarantee the effectiveness of these strategies. What we do guarantee are custom roll bar clamps that are designed to keep your stuff safe and help it to stay “put”, so you don’t have to worry about your fire extinguisher slipping down or off of your accessory mount bar. 

Continue reading to learn more about TKO’s custom roll bar clamps as well as some temporary solutions if your roll bar clamp is slipping and you NEED to take your SxS out, like yesterday. 

TKO’s Custom Roll Bar Clamps

The best way to ensure that your roll bar doesn’t slip is by purchasing a roll bar clamp that is machined to fit your roll bar exactly. TKO’s roll bar accessory mounts, our adjustable clamps, are designed to fit roll bars and luggage racks with OD of .75” to 2.5”. Additionally, we can also create clamps to fit less common sizes like the 1.85” on the Can-Am. Each custom roll bar clamp comes with your choice of quick release or security latches, depending on your needs. Our custom roll bar clamps are a great accessory clamp for your Razor, UTV, Jeep, or anything with a roll bar.

Short Term Solutions for Roll Bar Clamps That Slip

When you’re in a pinch you need something that works right away. These solutions will work for about one ride on your UTV, but we wouldn’t recommend using it long-term. Use any of the following to keep your roll bar clamps from sliding when you need a quick, short term fix:

Our final thoughts? Avoid the headache, and get a roll bar clamp that is customized for you and your roll bar. Learn more about TKO’s custom roll bar clamps here. Feel free to get ahold of us with any questions you may have about getting your custom clamp today!

AUTHOR: Joe Williams

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